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Hot Sale Mechanic Overalls

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Hot Sale Mechanic Overalls Details:

Collar design: comfortable pointed collar, just right, let you move freely in the work, comfortable and add fashion sense

Pen bag design: this work clothes design the left arm pen bag meticulously, small and delicate, very convenient in the work, added the fashion sense

Pocket design: simple design and tailoring, generous and practical. Smooth and uniform, beautiful and symmetrical. Every detail perfectly illustrates the quality of the clothes themselves

Waist design: humanized design concept, fine ruffle production, simple and generous. It will not make the bottom too complicated, more three-dimensional. The upper body is more stiff.

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How do you control the quality of your products?

First of all, Comprehensive index inspection of greige, 10% of appearance inspection at random, and produce after qualified, take a piece of cloth for a comprehensive test in 600-800 meters of each car after the pre-shrinking, and issued Corresponding test report. Then marked the report with roll number, easy for customer to inquiry. Put fabric on Cloth inspection machine after qualified. According to ASTM D 5430 standard inspection cloth, and issued a cloth inspection report.

• How long is your delivery date ?

The fabric orders:About 15-20 working day.

The clothing orders:About 30-60 working day.

Urgent orders,can be negotiated.

• Why use flame retardant fabrics?

When workers are in hazardous industries, such as oil, electricity, natural gas, chemical, aluminum and other manufacturing industries, they need to wear flame-retardant clothing which made by flame-retardant fabric can effectively protect workers from the loss of combustion accidents.

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